How to concentrate on studies


2 Study Techniques to Top exams, concentrate easily and get amazing grades

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The new learning revolution to concentrate easily and study like topper 

study technique-one  


 If you want to study effectively, concentrate easily and top in exams …

 The answer is systematic and scientific revision method.


Study shows if you don’t revise in 24 hours you forget more than 80percent information what you studied earlier.But if you revise in 24hours you remember more than 80percent information.


Without systematic revision your time and efforts are wasted. You don’t get marks you deserve.

Not knowing how to revise systematically cost students a lot.

Like losing the good rank and getting less marks in exams.

Ok let’s understand now, how to revise systematically to get more marks…


Note: just learning new lessons and solving problems and working very hard is not enough to do better in academics…revision plays very important role.


How many times we have to revise to master the lessons?


Whatever you learn in a classroom for a first time, if you revise that 3 times in a week that will be excellent.


First revision- revise the new lesson when the class is over For 2 to 3minutes.

Note. You will have only 1 to 3 minutes time after each period.

Second revision -revise the new lesson at home within 24hours.

First revision and the second revision are the best revisions.


Then revise fourth one within 30 days. Then revise fifth one within 90 days. Then sixth one in 180 days.


If you don’t focus on “revision”, then you are just like most of students doing hard work and taking coaching, and getting less success than what you are capable of.


study technique-2

How to concentrate easily on studies and understand your topic?

Note: concentration is directly proportional to your success. The more you concentrate the more you achieve.


This is very powerful technique to increase your concentration.
Creating awareness and connecting to subject by asking quality of

The most successful students they ask quality of questions to get quality of answers.


The method you will learn now is sq3r.

S stand for survey.
First choose the textbook you want to learn and do survey in 2 steps.


1. Read the back cover of the book, plus the flaps and any bullets or highlighted areas on the front or back covers. See who is the author of the book

2. See the table of contents from top to bottom. Flip through the pages, looking for key terms and patterns in the book. See words that are repeating over and over again and any pictures.
so, you’ve gone through the book, once by skimming and flipping, next is asking questions.


Q stands for questioning.

   Start asking some important questions given below.

1.What, is the central idea or main theme of the book? Write down what you think the core message is saying to you.

2.What the author is trying to teach you?

3.How it is relevant in my life?

4.What I need to remember from this lesson?


  Then start answering the questions like for example……

1. The main reason I am reading __________________________ is because _________________________________________________

2.The second reason I am reading this book is because I am curious about ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

3. The author promises to teach me how to ______________________ _________________________________________________nd how to _______________________________________________


3R means read, revise and reflect.

Read the lesson in detail and revise.

Then wait 5 minutes and reflect.


Taking 5min to 10min study breaks after reading 40 to 50minutes is important.
Studying without break decreases your performance.


important note.

45 minutes before you go to sleep is very important because It is repeated many times in your sleep.So, do something positive that period.   


Improve your reaction time

1.Juggling is the one of the best activity helps in improving brain function and reaction time, A new study shows learning to juggle may cause certain areas of your brain to grow.

Juggling tips: Always throw the balls up into the air in an arc, hold your hands at waist level, use different-coloured balls so you can tell them apart, toss the balls smoothly to about your eye level, practise. Practise, practise


2.Scientists at Japan’s Chiba university found that students increased reaction time by 7 percent by chewing gum. Chewing gum increases our reaction time may be because the jaw muscles stimulate areas of the brain, including premotor cortex within the frontal lobe, which is involved in executing limb movements.


3.Skipping is the wonderful exercise not just for the brain and excellent for the physical well being, skipping stimulates your brain because foot have more acupressure points.

Skipping improves cardio-respiratory and makes the heart stronger and pumps more blood thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. You find this skipping drill exercise in almost all the sports.


4.chess, in particular, is much more than an interesting pastime. Playing chess is like teasing the brain and chess players are, in fact, training their brains.

SPEED chess is my favourite whenever I get time I choose to play 2 min rapid chess online.


5.Rapid Eye movement: This is the best for faster improvement move eye balls faster left to right and right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top for five minutes daily. I gave you simpler way and infact there are many tricky ways in eye movement.

Because Eye to brain 20 times more nerve connections when compared with ear to brain.


6.Scientific American” article, clinical studies have shown the relationship between sufficient vitamin D and brain function. Deficiencies in vitamin D have been shown to be associated with impaired cognitive function, including “slower information-processing speed and depression.

Vitamin D is essential for clear thinking and optimum brain function. The best source to get vitamin D is sunlight.