Top 10 Exam Techniques to Pass Exams


“These top 10 Exam techniques to pass exams will help a lot for you to come out with flying colours in exams”


 1.Don’t eat heavy breakfast or lunch before you sit for study and  on the exam days.     


 Eating heavy breakfast makes you feel sleepy and decreases your brain functioning.

  Note:  When you take food the blood supply rushes to the stomach area
To digest the food, it requires more energy. As a result, blood supply to
The brain decreases. It means less supply of the blood, less oxygen levels to brain.
and less brain power. 

So, you need to be careful with what food you take and quantity of food.


2. Don’t go near the exam hall until the last possible Minute.

You know very well many students arrive the exam hall and start preparing for exams, some are
very nervous and some have exam fear.

It’s important you reach you exam venue 30min to 45min early, but to avoid any negative energy

stay in your car or sit in the park bench. But stay away from the crowd and negative energy.







3. Last minute exam preparation secrets


  • Reflecting keywords from the lessons is the great way of preparing on the exam day.
  • 24 hours before the exams practicing test papers is good.
  • To revise entire text book faster prepare mind maps for that particular subject and lessons.


   5  steps to prepare mind maps

• Take central idea the chapter and keywords

• Use Colour sketch pens.

• Use curve line not straight and radiate the lines from the center point.

• Draw lines clock-wise, on the curve lines add write keywords.

• White sheet paper

Note. Prepare the mind maps for the lessons to revise the entire book faster, you save time in learning and reduces exam tension.

keep reading top 10 exam techniques to pass exams you find more powerful techniques.


4.How to recall forgotten answers


To recall the forgotten answers most of the students look at the question paper and
Looking down or staring at question paper will not help you.

The best way to recall the forgotten answers is just move the eye balls up and imagine you are
Reading the question and answer from the text book.


It works, this way you recall the forgotten answer fast and easy.


When you move the eye ball up, it triggers the electrical impulses in the brain which produces memory.

Golden tip: First you read all the questions of the exam paper and than start answering the questions because brain organises information and recalling becomes easy.

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5. “Fantastic method” in exams


This is one more technique based on sub conscious mind. I learnt this technique when I was in my college and simply superb method.

In your exams, if you come across any question which you don’t know or forgotten “just say FANTASTIC”

But don’t say I don’t know. Why means when you say fantastic your sub conscious mind feels optimistic and starts searching for the answers in the memory house. 



6.The law of attraction for exam success.


Programme your sub conscious mind to top exams, our sub conscious mind is very
subjective mind and it attracts subject and understands.

Take for example, when someone says to you “you are intelligent student”. What is the subject?
If you are thinking “you” is the subject my answer is big NO.

Here the subject is intelligent, it means what ?

You become more intelligent. Let’s take one more example “I don’t want to forget the answers ”, now what is the subject?  FORGET is the subjective to sub conscious mind and it attracts more of it which we don’t want it.

One more example “I want to pass the exams” now the subject is Pass.
our sub conscious mind does not understand the words like No, does not .




7. How to improve memory for difficult words 


The more challenging for students is remembering difficult words in the books and improving memory instantly. From these top 10 exam secrets this one technique can improve your memory in a big way.


Students are more frustrated if they fail to remember or recall that scientific word or biology word.

It could be any word.


First you need to understand our brain does not remember the words for longer time, our remembers pictures for longer time.

So, if you want to remember any science or tough words “Turn those words into pictures”

Take example disease kwashiorkor, if you try to store this in the form of word, chances are there we forget faster. Converting that word into picture, you remember for a very long time and improves memory.

Last minute exam preparation is very hectic and stressful, even if you are in tension if you convert textbook words into picture, you will remember.


     Top 3 ways to convert word into picture 

  1.  Symbol of the word for concentration is target board or circles on paper
  2.  Sound of the word for kwashiorkor is wash your car
  3.  Saying the word slowly for country Sweden is say sweeed in slow motion, sweet image pops        in your mind


8. One-minute breaks and writing answers neatly.


Taking one-minute break after every 40minutes in the exam hall, helps you to think better.

In one-minute break, taking some deep breaths increases oxygen to the brain.

Don’t write big paragraphs without space, convert big paragraphs into short paragraphs and leave some white space after every paragraph. Short paragraphs easy to read and your answer paper looks neat.

Top magazines and news paper they apply same rule, to get more reader they use short paragraphs and short sentences.


9. How to answer exam questions correctly


top 10 exam techniques to pass exams


a) Reach exam hall 30min before.

b) Carry extra pen, pencils, eraser etc.

c) Read and listen to instructions carefully to answer exam questions correctly.

d) its important to read all the questions before you attempt to answer, your mind gets prepared

     and organises information in order.

d) First start answering the questions what you know very well than answer the difficult questions.


How to answer exam questions correctly: I assure you if you follow the method I am giving below, you do better

In exams. I am giving here for problem solving questions


Step 1. Read and understand the question

Step 2. identify any keywords and numbers and underline it

Step 3. Think of any diagrams you can use or describe or any related keywords

Step 4. Think of any formula related to the sum and length of the problem, skills you need to find the solution

Step 5. What could be the final solution or estimate the answer and start solving it.


Bonus: Never leave an exam hall early

If you have more time check your answer paper.

Mostly waiting till the last minute helps in many ways like corrections, recalling some important points to add.

Helps you to score better marks



10. Law of attraction to pass exams.


This technique is favourite of mine  to attract success, lets find what to do during exam days.

The positive affirmations when used, our sub conscious mind expands on that.

Positive affirmations are very effective to programme your subconscious mind
and achieve success.



Don’t use affirmations in future tense, use in present tense.

For example — I will be more confident is future tense.

Use affirmations in present tense like, I am more confident now.

Instead saying I will improve my concentration say I am concentrating easily in my studies.


Below some powerful positive affirmations to use daily, you can add few more and customize
according to your needs.


  • I am scoring more marks in my exams.
  • I am using more of my intelligence.
  • I remember what I read.
  • I remember my lessons, formulae, diagrams easily.
  • I recall my lessons easily whenever I want.


Also imagine daily few minutes in your mind that you writing your exams extremely good and answering all the questions.


I hope you enjoyed our “top 10 exam techniques to pass exams” .








How to improve handwriting and write neatly in your exams?

write neatly to get higher grades


Below I am showing you some methods which will help you to write neatly and improve your confidence


write neatly


Many students come to me for handwriting improvement. I find because of  no proper training or letter formations are wrong.


Good handwriting is important for scoring good grades.


However, in this post you learn some important methods to improve handwriting.

step 1. Hold your pen properly and exercises

To hold pen properly tripod pressure is recommended,hold your pen with thumb and index and balancing on the middle finger, 2cms away from the point and 45 degree angle while writing. 

Use pencil grippers will help you to keep a good hold on the pencil .


3 Motor Exercises to improve Handwriting

Take old newspaper and separate into sheets. Crumple each sheet individually, using only one hand  Even you can use old notes papers to crumple with writing hand

Get some moulding clay, break it into small pieces of the same size, with your writing hand.

Using your thumb, index and middle fingers roll each piece of clay into a small ball 

Play with tennis ball.





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