Memory loss treatment

Memory loss treatment natural ways


I am giving you some basic idea for those who are looking for natural remedies to improve memory. however this is for educational purpose Only.

These are natural and best ways to improve memory.



1. Exercise

   Exercise can improve our logical functions like thinking, planning and organising.
   And also physical activity improves blood supply and oxygen to the brain. Therefore it keeps our          brain active

   One of the best way for memory loss treatment is exercise, you know fit body gives fit    brain





2. Diet

Most of the fat what we take is not good.

The saturated do no good to the brain and body, as a result humans who live more on saturated food increase risk of dementia.

In one experiment rats fed with high saturated fat they performed low in memory and learning.

Especially omega-3 fats are good for the brain, our brain is mostly made of these fats easily available in fish and nuts etc. therefore it is great to consume good fat.


Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia and other disorders may have associated with low levels of fat.

Once I was taking health management seminar for some doctors.
one participant told me, SHE getting angry easily, because fat reduced in their food for the weight loss.


see below nerve cell structure, observe it every cell axon covered with myelin sheath and myelin sheath acts like insulator, if it gets damaged it will not repair itself .

what will happen if myelin sheath not repaired, it get short circuit and memory loss because of no insulation.

For myelin sheath repair we need to take good fats like pure corn oil or extra virgin pure olive oil weekly 2 table spoons.




3. Music can enhance our memory



Music activates our brain cells in amygdala, the hub of emotional memory.
Hence listening some soft and soothing music like piano and guitar etc. 


4. Daily 20minute Meditation


 With meditation turning of the mind inward for relaxation seems like 
 help in depression,anxiety,insomnia etc.


5. Get organised


Finally, getting organised is more effective to fight memory loss and also stay focused.

Also maintain a small diary and make a list of what you want to do that day
and start doing one by one. 

Due to disorganised we tend to forget a lot, hence getting organised benefits a lot


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