How to improve handwriting

How  to improve handwriting

and write neatly in your exams?

improve handwriting

6 steps to improve handwriting


Many students come to me for handwriting improvement. I find because of  no proper training or letter formations are wrong.


Good handwriting is important for scoring good grades.

However, in this post you learn some important methods on how to improve handwriting.


1. Hold your pen properly. To hold pen properly tripod pressure is recommended.

hold your pen with thumb and index and balancing on the middle finger, 2cms away from the point and 45 degree angle while writing.



how to improve handwriting




2. Develop good writing posture. First find a writing table which is elbow level.
Sit in your chair with both feet flat on the ground. Position the page at an angle of 45 degrees towards your dominant hand.


Start with basic. You can start with writing cursive or straight.
Decide what suits you and know what cursive writing looks like, how it’s connected.


3. Learn to write individual letters. Practice lower case letters and upper-case letters.
Write each letter at least 10 times in capital and ten in lower-case across a lined page.


The angle at which you write your letters are important. your handwriting will enhance if you maintain proper angle. Your handwriting perpendicular to the lines, A slight slant to right is ok, but too much of slant looks bad.


4. Practice drawing basic shapes like squares and circles. Practice the alphabet until you master each letter.

Also practice continuous Loops and continuous letter M in your rule book.


5. The result of poor handwriting is irregularity and inconsistency between letters and shapes. If you observe letters are made up out of straight lines and circles or semi-circles, so put in some time drawing these. draw parallel lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines.


Then Write sets of words once you feel confident and see how your letters appear.


6. Proper spacing is important. The Space between your words and letters helps determine the quality of your handwriting. Using more SPACE or less space than this can be a result of poor handwriting.


Tips to write neatly and effectively in exams


1. Don’t use light colour ink pen. Light colour ink pen appears as if you added water.

2. Maintain some space after every paragraph.

    Having space around your answer paper looks very neat.

3.To write effectively use short words and short sentences.

4. write short paragraphs instead big paragraphs

5. If u make errors in spellings don’t use eraser and don’t strike it too many times.



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