How to improve Memory power


 You learn 5 methods on how to improve memory and recall ability, I am sure these simple methods delight you

Method one: Increase memory power naturally 


1.Exercise: Exercise can improve one’s logical functions like thinking, planning, organising.
Physical activity improves blood supply to the brain and oxygen.

2.Music can enhance memory: Music activates your brain cells in amygdala, it is the hub of emotional memory.
Listen to some soft and soothing music like piano, guitar etc.

3. Daily 20minute meditation:  With meditation turning of the mind inward for relaxation seems to
Help in depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.

4. Get organised: Getting organised is more effective to improve memory.

Just make a list of things you want to do in a paper or diary and start doing one by one



Method two: what vitamins and oils to take to improve memory


Actually omega-3 fats are good for the brain, our brain is mostly made of these fats easily available in fish and nuts etc
Taking 2 table spoons of Corn oil or extra pure virgin olive oil helps to repair neurons.



Method three: How to improve memory recall




To improve recall is to associate the information or item with what you know already.
The best teachers in the world helps students to remember information by relating unknow to known.


Method four: How to improve memory for long term


First understand our brain divided into two hemispheres, left and right hemisphere.
Left logical brain stores memory for short term and right creative brain for long term, if you want improve memory for long term, you need to store information in the right brain.


how to improve memory

Words are processed by logical left brain and pictures are processed by right brain, simply covert words into pictures to improve memory for long term.


Method five: Mind Exercises

Mind exercises keeps our mind sharp, active and improves memory.



Take daily 15 to 20minutes time to solve puzzles in the news paper or playing chess .

Do multiplication and adding numbers in the mind or crossword puzzles etc.








This course is Marvelous ,I have read books ,attended seminars  but I could not get confidence but  after completing this course I got confidence. This type of course must be included in educational curriculum.                        Vijay ,  deputy engineer,



   Sir, I saw improvement in my son  abhinayan class 6th b. He is learning more faster than before and doing his maths sums faster. I am very thankful to you.        Yours faithfully   .Kamal D


I joined this programme for my daughter and my students.Iam using the techniques on my daughter .And I found Very positive improvements in my daughter.

Mrs Mohini Atakate, Yoga instructor and teacher.


Excellent workshop, I learnt whole periodic table, it made much easier for me to learn formulae of math, easy to concentrate in studies.  N.L.P was FABULOUS.

Prarthana .y.poojari


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